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Looking Ahead: 2022

Much like I want to be gentle with myself next year, I do like setting goals and intentions! As mentioned, my sewing time is going to be significantly reduced compared to 2021. I’m going back to full time work – which is exciting! it’s a role I really want and

Chatter: It’s August?!

Where has the summer gone already? This week I started preparing the pattern pieces for my Cashmerette Auburn blazer which is going to be my next Minerva Brand Ambassador project in the most fabulous wool-blend tweed. I’m daydreaming about bound buttonholes and getting very impatient for the ‘weft interfacing’ I


Now that I am deeply committed to several substantial projects, time management really comes into play. This week I made a proper timetable of the dates I am free to sew and my expectations of what I can achieve on those days. Working back from the deadline, it means I