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Me Made May 2021

It’s June 1st, so Me Made May 2021 is officially finished – what better time to have a bit of a reflect!

I’ve never ‘participated’ in MMM before. I didn’t do a whole lot this year either, to be honest, but I did successfully complete the one dress I intended to during the month and I used the hashtag when wearing things I’d made. I also managed to plan for our honeymoon so that I’d wear something me-made every day – so for the first time ever I wore homemade clothes three consecutive days in a row! That’s a tiny achievement I’m really quite proud of unlocking.

(Our wedding was also in May and if that’s not the biggest me-made achievement of my life, I don’t know what is!)

I’ve really enjoyed seeing other people in the hashtag and finding patterns that were new to me on bodies that looked like mine. The Me Made May Fat hashtag was a thing of beauty to behold and I’ve found so many new sewists to follow, which is making my Instagram feed fantastic.

Thinking about trying to wear more things I’ve sewn has made abundantly clear that the things I love to make are not everyday items. I like making occasion dresses and special things and using fancy fabrics, not making pants or tees to wear at home. But, I do like the way homemade clothes fit better than RTW so I think MMM has taught me I really ought to prioritise some basics in the next little year. To that end I’ve just bought a batch of jersey and printed the Halla Agnes dress pattern, and hopefully that’ll fill that gap a bit.

All in all, Me Made May has been really pleasant and something I can see myself casually participating in next year too! I can’t imagine myself ever having an entire month’s worth of items, but who knows what the future holds.