Fox Makes

Time Travel (Or, I made a Hat)

I made a hat! Which we promptly forgot to take proper photos of until after sunset 😅

My beloved and I went to afternoon tea at @gcrailwayofficial with the @historicalcostumemakers guild for our Railway Rendezvous. For various health reasons my originally planned 1881 outfit didn’t pan out but I wanted to make sure I made something new for the weekend and this hat was the sweetest little project.

I used @vavoomvintage halo hat tutorial and it’s such a low-stress pattern. I could see myself making lots more of these because they’re very comfortable, quick, and importantly I think they look adorable. I felt great all day and we had absolutely the best time.

I’m grateful my beloved was willing to come dress up with me. I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful to have got to a place in life where I’m happy looking “weird” and embracing what makes me happy.

And I wish I could dress 1940s every day! 🥰🚂