Fox Makes

About Me

I currently live in Leicestershire, England, with my husband and our animal companions – at present we have three reptiles and a small puppy – and enjoy making all manner of creative messes under the banner of ‘this is totally fine, it’s art!’

In a different phase of life (read: 2010, my gosh) I completed a season supporting the National Youth Theatre in their costume and wardrobe department and have always loved sewing and creating things both practical and ridiculous. I’ve been sewing on and off since about 2006, making things ranging from soft toys and quilt blankets through to wearable garments and special occasion wear. In 2018 after a break of a few years I rediscovered the joy of textile crafts, completing several cross stitch and embroidery projects in relatively quick succession. Then I unpacked my old sewing machine again and here we are now!

As a plus-size creative I firmly believe in sewing things that make you happy regardless of sizing, and it’s liberating to be able to make the garments I want to wear which otherwise aren’t available to me on the high street. I have a love for retro styles, namely the 1940s and 1950s, and am looking forward to exploring even older periods at some stage when time permits. But probably with less hand-sewing, and I’m keen to navigate historic techniques in a way that is more accessible for my complex physical needs – and to document this process here on the blog.