Fox Makes

Chatter: It’s August?!

Where has the summer gone already?

This week I started preparing the pattern pieces for my Cashmerette Auburn blazer which is going to be my next Minerva Brand Ambassador project in the most fabulous wool-blend tweed. I’m daydreaming about bound buttonholes and getting very impatient for the ‘weft interfacing’ I specially ordered to arrive. I’m not entirely clear what weft interfacing actually is but I decided if I was making a blazer then I’d do it following all the actual steps as opposed to doing my own thing and going off piste.

I also had grand ideas about making some t-shirt dresses for the sunshine weather and got a box of cheap jersey with that intention, and then it got way too hot to function and the fabric is largely untouched. Oops. (Then I had to have emergency dental surgery and everything got put on hold again!) Now the puppy is here (we got him in July) and sewing is trickier because the tiny monster just wants to be where I am (which is admittedly adorable) and gets underfoot all the while.

I’ve once again had reinforced that slowing down is important. I have so many ideas but fundamentally there are so many hours in the day and my time is precious. I keep seeing the new latest patterns from all the cool indie companies and thinking they’d be fun to try, but whilst experimentation is exciting it’s also expensive when I’ve got limited time, money and physical energy. Work is incredibly busy with it being school holidays, so I get back at 6pm and by the time we’ve had dinner I just crash. Previously I may have been able to use the evenings to prep paper patterns or cut things out but that’s not possible any more. My physio did at least do wonders to help my hands so that’s causing less of an issue, but sleep is important!

So, I’m making this blazer slowly and steadily in advance of my Minerva deadline, and planning the jumpsuit I talked about in my goals post a few back ready to wear on a pub lunch with a dear friend, but everything else can kind of come as it pleases. I want to sew Christmas gifts for my husband because that brings us both joy, but I’m taking my time.

Except I might sneak in some dog jumpers and bandanas now I have the baby. Oops.