Fox Makes

2021: A Year

It sure has been a year, hasn’t it?

We: got married, got a puppy, survived an ongoing pandemic, took a little holiday in Wales, and I’ve got a new job to start in January. For a year that feels like a blur of blank spaces and lockdowns we’ve still managed to find some bright spots. And on that front, I also wanted to list the things I’ve made this year, because looking back it feels like actually there’s loads! I’ve been keeping just a note on my phone because I thought it would be nice, and I was right – having a little reference reminds me of projects I’ve already forgotten, and proves I’ve actually been really productive. I set my list of goals for the year (hence also keeping a phone note to keep track) and whilst I absolutely haven’t made even half the things I aspired to, I’ve still done A Lot.

So, in chronological order:

  • Black and white striped Charm Patterns Hepburn top, my first Minerva Makers project!
  • 3x silk wedding bow ties
  • Blue marble cotton Muna & Broad Waikerie dress, view A
  • Brown tweed wedding waistcoat (and two mock ups prior) for Matt
  • My wedding dress, a heavily modified Cashmerette Upton (and not to mention all the mock ups and corset toiles that went into that process)
  • The best woman’s green dress, another Cashmerette Upton
  • Wedding face masks (plus a few more for everyday wear)
  • Scuba pencil skirt, using Pier Avenue 121
  • Check linen Elodie dress by Closet Core (I need to go back and alter this but it is finished and lovely, just not being worn enough in its present form)
  • Scuba Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company
  • Agnes swing dress by Halla
  • Muna & Broad Waikerie dress view B
  • Bow tie and bandana for the puppy
  • Cashmerette Auburn blazer, the gorgeous green tweed one
  • Black and white striped linen jumpsuit using the Peppermint Magazine pattern
  • Another Agnes swing dress
  • An ocean sea-pancake (stingray) plush using a Sew Desu Ne pattern
  • Navy striped Cashmerette Concord top
  • Straight fit raglan by Ellie and Mac, for Matt’s Christmas
  • 2x Ellie and Mac dog hoodies
  • 2x dog bandana with Cricut vinyl appliques – one was gifted to Matt’s boss, as the Cricut addition was their software URL as a bit of a joke to make them ‘merchandise’ for the product!
  • A tweed dog coat – quilted! – using the Closet Core free pattern and which matches my own tweed blazer
  • Straight fit raglan by Ellie and Mac #2, also for Matt’s Christmas
  • Shawl collar sweater by Ellie and Mac, also for Matt’s Christmas
  • Navy velvet Cashmerette Fuller cardigan sweater hack for me
  • 5x Christmas tree semi-circle napkins for our festive lunch
  • A dog bow tie as a last minute novelty

I’ve also had a lot of fun getting more familiar with my Cricut this year, including personalising five tote bags with heat transfer vinyl, making myself a box of felt succulents, making earrings from leather, doing some papercraft like the Christmas menu card and decorating the packages of homemade treats we baked (for humans and in fact for dogs too). And I made two 16×16″ portrait paintings which each took over 20 hours, and of which I’m absurdly proud!

With starting my new job in a couple of weeks, I need business-wear and office appropriate clothing. I bought a big box of bargain fabrics all for that purpose but I know I’m going to have a lot less time for sewing once I move. It’s my first full time job for a few years owing to health issues and whatnot and there are going to be some adjustments to our routine but I’m really excited. I’ve got plans for a couple of cute blazers and some trousers to wear there, and that’ll be great – when there’s time to do those. But that does mean I have to brave some high street shopping in the interim, which even just an hour of online sale browsing has reiterated how much I hate that!

This year has been challenging – mostly because of the puppy, in truth, which is a whole separate problem – but looking back I’m really proud of coming through it and all I have achieved. Here’s to a 2022 that’s full of personal joys and small victories, whatever happens in the rest of the world.