Fox Makes

Looking Ahead: 2022

Much like I want to be gentle with myself next year, I do like setting goals and intentions!

As mentioned, my sewing time is going to be significantly reduced compared to 2021. I’m going back to full time work – which is exciting! it’s a role I really want and I’m grateful my health has improved such that I think I can manage it – but at the moment I’ve had several free days midweek over the course of the month on which to work on projects. I’m returning to the 9-5 society, where it’s all evenings and weekends for hobbies. 

I don’t want to go overboard with ambitions but I do have some things hovering on the horizon.

  • First and foremost I need workwear. New job is office based and as a size 24 it’s not easy to find the things I want. I got myself a big box of discount fabric in “professional” colours and muted patterns like checks but as yet the patterns I had printed haven’t arrived. I ordered them in the CLC sale on Black Friday weekend and I know they’re absolutely snowed under, but hopefully soon.
  • A very close second is the Minerva Makers project I’ve got cut out which is due by January 12th and I can’t wait to share more of soon!
  • We’re going to the theatre in February and I need to plan an outfit which may not need making, but might! This is carefully pencilled in to the schedule, but lightly. Not a firm plan. But it’s a green Alcott if I get chance. And maybe a brown tweed jacket too. Oops.
  • We’re going to a gig in March and I want to make the Adrienne blouse (Friday Pattern Co) as a dress if there’s time, but this also really isn’t a priority item.
  • There’s the Guild of Historical Costume Makers picnic in April which I’d quite like to go to but at present have absolutely nothing to wear and I’m honestly not sure if I have time to start from ground zero on this but maybe?
  • I want to alter my gingham linen dress from last year to make it wearable for this next summer, probably do this sometime in April/May.
  • Our first wedding anniversary is in May and I’ve got a Wilder gown I started before the wedding as a more casual back up option, so if I can finish that then I can wear that to whatever we do in celebration.
  • We have a family wedding in July and that’s an occasion I definitely want to sew for. I’m considering the JLH Matilda shirt dress pattern, the BHL Sandeep and a Wilder gown hack – I want cobalt or royal blue, or stripes, but I don’t have a firm vision yet.

I also got a beaded brooch kit for the holidays which I excitedly started yesterday, and I’ve got a couple of gift bits I never finished which I do want to move out of the UFO pile. One is a wall hanging, the others are jumpers which if I do manage I’ll have opportunity to gift at Valentine’s Day. 

So, those are the headlines! I also get a long lunch break in my new job (a whole hour!) so I think small embroidery and other portable crafts might also be in my future. It’s that or I’ll spend all of my money in the city centre going out for lunch and just popping into the shops so I do hope to do some lunch break activities instead, or I’ll bankrupt myself!

When looking back at 2021, a family member commented they don’t know how I find time for it all. I’ve been really lucky this year to have my husband’s support so that on midweek days where he’s in his office but I’m off, I’ve been able to do crafty things. It’s going to be fun working out how this looks next year. The current suggestion is broadly that on Saturdays we will do family things – nice dog walks, days out, pub lunches – then Sunday we will do our own things. Matt often has gaming with his friends on Sundays so he can do that whilst I disappear to the sewing room. We’ll see!