Fox Makes

Photoshoot Planning

My one and only real goal for 2022 was to be involved in a professional aerial hoop photoshoot and I’ve only gone and booked one for September!

It’s starry night themed – a navy background, white smoke clouds and a white aerial hoop, so I’ve been planning outfits to suit. I’m going to take two I hope though I may not end up wearing both.

Option one is going to be my next Minerva project: a white stretch velvet bodysuit with sleeves, based on the Mood Almond pattern. I’m going to see how cheeky I want the bottoms to be – I’m scared of it being too revealing with various hoop poses, having never performed or danced in pants before! I can always widen the crotch panel maybe and take it from there.

I’m also planning the Petite Stitchery Pothos unitard in full sequins. This would be sleeveless and then full length legs. The construction concern with this one is my chest falling out! Both options are going to be lined in a matte nylon lycra I’ve ordered from Knighton (who are apparently my current most-commonly used supplier!) and I’ve watched several tutorials about adding shelf bras too.

My vision is also to use giant velcro rollers and have my hair down loose and curly (loose curls not 50s curls), and some sort of silver glitter make up. I don’t know though if I should pay the extra to have a make up artist do it. Plenty of time to decide, though.

I am excited and nervous and using my energy around costuming to distract from having to think about my poses, which I do still need to list out to take with me.

A couple of months to get this right!