Fox Makes

Finished: Jellyfish Circle Skirt

My favourite tiny human turned a massive THREE years old!

Husband and I were honoured to be invited by said tiny human to go on her birthday trip to the Sea Life Centre and I – as always – wanted something fancy to wear for the day. She’s our best friend’s daughter, she’s the best and I love her. I usually call her my niece even though technically she might not be. She’s getting a baby sister imminently and so this was her last birthday as an only child.

Enter: the jellyfish skirt!

The jellyfish circle skirt panel was perfect. It’s on a spun polyester base which was a nightmare to hem but I love how it looks and I’m also a bit obsessed with jellyfish myself anyway. I could watch them all day. Matt took a video of me twirling and it looks like the jellies are swimming. I love it. The circle skirt panel is – as apparently all of my recent fabric acquisitions – from Knighton Fabrics. They’re great value and I was pleased to be able to make a social media post in their group too proving that they do in fact work on plus size people. Lots of the folks there didn’t think they were small enough. I’m over here showing they definitely do!

The Sea Life Centre was awesome and there was such a lot of pointing and “Auntie Emma look!” and my heart was happy.

Less happy about the bus lane fine and the upcoming fine for forgetting to pay the city tax. It’s actually become a very very expensive day out but whatever, we had a great time and now I have a cool skirt.