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Sausages and Hams

But make it textile, not butchery!

I sent my partner the blog post by Victory Patterns to get him to print the templates for me and suspect an eyebrow was raised when he saw the titles. Fear not! It’s the ever-handy tool for pressing seams on curves – especially useful when I’m working on so many corset toiles at the moment.

Mine came out beautifully using yet more of the Ikea Filodendron 100% cotton fabric, and have been stuffed with sawdust (which was quite a challenge, I’ll be honest) and backed with pink wool offcuts from last year’s coat. Regular readers or those on my instagram will know I’ve made basically everything out of that Ikea material at this point – dress, dungarees, face masks, hair bows and now this tailor’s tools – and I still love it so very much. I’ve got about 1m left I think, so just a little, but I’m not keen to finish it and run out.

I’d recommend using a ham or sausage for pressing any kind of curved seam – it really does make life easier. Just make sure to really stuff it as much as you can – you need a very firm texture to iron against – and to use materials and stuffing that can withstand the heat.