Fox Makes

Knowing Limits/Being Patient

Or, there are so many things I want to do and there just isn’t time or possibility.

I have a degree of hypermobility in my joints which manifests most-problematically in my hands, which have a semi-constant ache of RSI. The lovely consultant at the hospital said that all we can do is ensure to rest them regularly until it goes away. The thing is, you can’t not use your hands. Daily life needs you to Do Things, and even moreso when your hobbies are sewing and creating things. I use my braces and support gloves where necessary but sometimes I just have to accept I can’t sew today without risking not being able to function tomorrow.

Which is, y’know, inconvenient. I spent some time on Thursday advancing the progress of my corset toile and then got stuck in it when I couldn’t make my hands work the laces. But, it’s looking really good and I can’t wait to share more of that soon! Just, slowly. Patience is apparently key, but there are so many things I want to do!

(I’d read online about people using duct tape and long cable ties as substitute boning for mock ups, rather than sewing all the channels when still in the testing phase. I knew that the bust wasn’t fitting right but wasn’t sure about the body section, and my hands were already feeling dodgy so I thought I’d give it a try. Reader, it’s awful and sticky and spiky. The bones didn’t stay attached and it was hilarious. I posted a photo on a sewing Facebook group and was kindly informed it works better if you tape the bones to the inside of the garment – which makes infinitely more sense. But again, it reiterates – patience is key! No shortcuts!)

Currently on the project radar are: said corset, which is about to get those boning channels sewn in on Wednesday, hopefully; a garment for a dinner date with my fiancĂ© Sept 25th (the first time we’ve been out for a nice meal somewhere since March, obviously!); a dress for a friend’s distanced wedding meal Oct 3rd – which I also want to use as an opportunity to adapt the Upton bust darts into princess seams, as I’ve never done that before and want to try it out.

Gently on the more distant horizon are things like the Wilder Gown which I want to make for honeymooning next year, and a wide variety of other linen projects also for that trip to a warm humid climate. (I’m working on the assumption it’ll go ahead, because who knows at this point!) I also have the waistcoat pattern printed for the wedding now, so should start thinking about mocking those up at some point in the next few months. And the Picnic Dress I so wanted isn’t completely off the table, though sadly my gingham fabric never arrived and summer is basically over already. I also still have wool I bought last winter for a coat that never happened, so maybe this year is the one! Plus there’s an art exhibition entry happening soon and I wanted to submit an embroidery, but then I didn’t really get on with that during lockdown.

It’s a balancing act between wanting to do everything and making sure I don’t harm myself in the process. I’m still figuring that bit out.