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Fabric Shopping

Or, it’s been quiet this week!

My regular day job (at a museum) has just restarted post-pandemic – or at least, past this first part of it anyway, for I do fear it’s not over for a long time yet – so I’ve had almost no time or energy to do anything very fun and creative.

But I have had a couple of my recent fabric orders arrive, so at least I’m prepared now for when I do get a happy moment. I’m not working tomorrow though I’ve errands to run so perhaps I’ll have time then to go back to my sewing machine and make something happen.

My Lyddi Grace fabrics arrived and are every bit as beautiful in real life as they were on the website – and so soft! Plus they came with free Rainbow Drops (a snack I used to absolutely adore as a kid and haven’t had for years) so what’s not to love? I’ve cut out another Poppy Bralette (see my previous post about that here) but with the bigger cup, so maybe that’s what I’ll make tomorrow – not least of all because being back at work means I really do have to wear a bra of some kind again. The customer service was also lovely – one of my chosen fabrics wasn’t available in the length I’d ordered as she didn’t have as much left as she thought (less than half a metre) so I was offered a refund for that small piece and sent it as a goodwill gesture too.

I’ve also ordered and subsequently received an enormous quantity of 100% silk from AmoThreads and have properly committed to Project Wedding Dress – now I’ve spent money on it, there’s no backing out! Their customer service was also absolutely incredible, with Ryan exchanging more emails with me than I’m sure he really wanted to be bothering with whilst I asked about colours and requested samples of a number of different materials. (This is not just Project Wedding Dress but also Project “three different sized men’s waistcoats, best woman dress, and likely a mother of the bride dress” – I’m not one for doing things by halves, it seems.)

(There was rather a lot of shrieking when my fabric arrived, but that’s probably a post of its own in the next wedding dress update.)

I’ve also got some lovely gingham ordered – except it dispatched a fortnight ago, was intended to be worn at an event now over already and no sign of that fabric being anywhere near me yet. I’m contacting the company tomorrow to find out what the situation is, but my retro picnic dress needs to happen soon or there will be no sunshine left in which to enjoy it! They’re a very popular UK fabric company so I hope this is a Royal Mail issue rather than theirs.

Finally, I was about to order a dress for an anniversary meal next month when I remembered (a) I’ve given up fast fashion for the moment (though arguably it was priced at a point where it really ought not to be ‘fast’ any more!) and (b) I can absolutely make something as there’s six weeks to go. So I’m going fabric shopping… within the work room, rummaging through my stash to see what sparks joy and/or ideas.