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Finished: Poppy Bralette

I made a bra! Or at the very least an extremely wearable toile but it works, it supports my chest and has rapidly become my most ‘liked’ garment on Instagram overnight – so I’m calling that a success!

This is the Poppy Bralette by House Morrighan, which I have made in their size 16FG. The fabric for this toile is I think a scuba, but honestly it was recycled from a dress about 7 years old and 4 sizes too small for me so I’m not fully prepared to commit to that description. I just wanted something with the suitable % of stretch with which to test this pattern, as it was new to me and I had sincere reservations about my ability to make anything remotely accommodating for my not insignificant chest.

I am overjoyed. I’ve worn it for two separate full days now and can’t believe how comfortable I feel. The level of support and shape is fine for me. I haven’t been wearing underwired bras through lockdown and now the return to work is approaching for me I put one back on and hated every second. So, a new underwear solution was required and quickly!

This pattern sewed up really quickly, with the instructions largely making sense on the first pass and nothing too tricky to finagle. I think I might move the princess seam across a little to match the shape of my own personal form but otherwise it fitted really nicely out of the packet and I’m amazed. Usually I end up needing to do several pattern adjustments for my shape straight off the bat, but that’s largely with woven fabric and typically outwear. I’ve never made a bra before so don’t know whether I got really lucky this time round or whether the block House Morrighan use just magically happens to correspond nicely to my shape.

I’ve placed an order from Lyddi Grace for some cotton jersey (and some bamboo, too, which I’ve never worked with before!) with enough fabric to make another six and some matching undies too – I feel a little guilty for how much I spent in one go but it’s comparable to maybe three ‘regular’ bras in my size (eg from Bravissimo) so if I can make twice that many it will have been a saving. Sewing for myself isn’t usually about cost savings, as fabric and time is expensive, but about ensuring a get a fit and style I simply can’t find off the rail. But still, I’m conscious of my spending and so if this works well in that way this is an added bonus for sure!

In summary, if you’ve ever considered making a bralette for yourself but worried that as a large busted or plus size person they just won’t work – I wholeheartedly recommend this pattern as the one to try.