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Finished: Ellie & Mac South Shore Romper – and 1 year to our wedding!

2020 has not been the year we wanted. I think that might be an understatement, possibly. We realised that for obvious pandemic plague reasons we hadn’t been out for a meal together all year. In the UK, restrictions had been lifted a little and places have reopened with the right distancing and so forth – for our pre-anniversary (definitely a real thing and not a word I invented) we went out to a lovely local restaurant and had an incredible time.

It’s not a real date night without a new outfit, so enter on cue here the Ellie and Mac South Shore Romper!

I’ll be honest, I’ve had this pattern for about three years. I bloody love wearing jumpsuits but because of the way I’m shaped they very rarely have long enough torsos for me, and then when you add an ample tum/bum the fit is just never right. I’ve wanted to make this pattern for such a long time but somehow never quite got around to it.

For this outfit I used a navy blue stretch velvet which doesn’t really have the right amount of stretch, but I’m still able to get it on and off so it’s worked out okay. I would definitely suggest using a more recommended fabric if you’re making one, because there was a fair risk this wasn’t going to work out. You’ve got to get your whole body through the cross over neckline, and if there’s no stretch you’ll get stuck. Ellie and Mac also give lots of info on lengthening and shortening, both at the side waist length and in the crotch and legs, so you really can tailor it to suit your body proportions and end up with something you love.

When I make more I will add to the side waist, which I skipped due to time constraints this time, but otherwise I love it and it’s a very quick and easy sew. The instructions are very clear and there are plenty of ways you could style it for more casual or fancy clothing.

I’ve got full length photos on my instagram but I just wanted to post a photo I just really like here, even though it doesn’t sell the outfit so well. One year ’til our wedding and I can’t wait. Probably need to make more headway in the corset toiles and outfit planning – only 12 months to go!