Fox Makes

Finished: Hepburn Top

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I really wanted to go do a full photo shoot with proper make up and the whole works, but I’ve had COVID and just not felt up to it. And if I don’t write this post soon, the moment will have well passed!

As part of the #MinervaMakers program I was gifted some beautiful stripey Art Gallery Fabrics jersey (as seen on my instagram and Minerva page too) with which to make something and share my thoughts. I used the Charm Patterns Hepburn top to make a lovely retro inspired casual top that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion (though at the moment, we’re still not going out anywhere of course!) – I picture it looking lovely with a full skirt as well as with just jeans or coloured trousers.

The stripes are wider than average and so I think they’re very flattering, though the idea of making ‘flattering’ clothes is a whole other kettle of fish I’m about to launch into in a separate journal style blog post. As a fat woman I’m not ‘supposed’ to wear horizontal stripes, but I think this looks great. The jersey is butter-soft and feels delightful against the skin, and seems to wash well as well (though with several colour catchers in the first cycle because I was very scared of bleeding). Please also admire the perfection of my stripe matching because I am absurdly proud of it!

As for the pattern, I’ll definitely be making it again now I’ve got the hang of it but the cut-out French darts caused me quite the confusion. I spent more than an hour trying to figure it out, looking at YouTube tutorials as well as asking advice in two separate sewing groups on Facebook. It turns out the short answer is to ease one side into the other, but there’s a lot of fabric to ease in the larger cup size and that doesn’t feel natural at all when you’re in the middle of the process. I think the fit is great out of the package and the Charm Patterns cup size range is pretty generous, and allows for tailoring a fit without needing to do FBAs and such.

I still hope I’ll get chance to take pretty photos with lipstick and all too, but for now I’m extremely happy with the project. I love working with Minerva and creating projects with their fabrics, and their range is phenomenal. Up next is a lovely poplin which I think is about to become a Waikerie (by Muna and Broad) when opportunity arises.