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We got married!

Leaving the venue – gotta have confetti! Photo by Alt Wedding Co.

Surprise! We are legally wed as of May 6th, 2021, and I couldn’t be happier – nor more proud of myself for getting it all done.

Regular readers will remember that I have been consumed by wedding sewing since Christmas at least, when we made the decision to elope rather than go ahead with our big September event. Even if it would be legal by then, I wouldn’t be comfortable going to a gathering of 100+ people from all over the country and I’d never forgive myself if someone got ill because we’d invited them to our party. We were also feeling really powerless, waiting to know what the world would look like, and it was removing all of the excitement about the day. Taking back control was a big deal to us.

We had just five of us – myself and Matt, my best man (or man of honour, as I often called him), Matt’s best friend as best woman and her husband. It was intimate and low-stress and absolutely delightful.

I made my gown, Matt’s waistcoat, K’s dress, then bow ties for the three gents and fancy face masks for all. I am so, so proud of getting everything done how I’d envisaged it. I intend come back with more posts about the nitty-gritty of the garments but I wanted to just share the news – we got married!

And maybe one more photo…

Photo by Alt Wedding Co.