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Finished: Calder Dungarees Hack

This week I made my first pair of Calder shorts (by Cashmerette) and found them really straightforward. I do think I should make a size bigger but use the back elastic from my current size, as I’m not really emotionally ready to start dealing with crotch curves and reshaping garments in that way, but otherwise it’s really not bad for a first attempt at a pattern!

The dungaree bib is self drafted, if you can count making a rectangle as “drafting,” and overall I’m really happy with how it turned out. Less pleased with my photo taking skills, which definitely need work, but the garment is a winner.

I’ve also just treated myself to some cotton-linen mix for another pair, this time in capri length and maybe with more of a jumpsuit bodice rather than just a bib – so we’ll see how that goes when the fabric arrives. This week the RSI in my hands hasn’t been cooperating very well so progress has had to be paused on most other things, unfortunately.

This is the second garment I’ve made from this Ikea fabric and it remains a firm favourite. I don’t know how much I’ve got left – maybe around one metre – so we might be coming to the end of projects for these birds!