Fox Makes

Craft Week

I ‘accidentally’ booked this week off work. When we got our leave allocation at the start of the year, I tried to schedule in regular breaks to use it up and thought mid- February would be a nice time for a rest given how long and cold January normally is. Little did I know I’d have the plague and not work for much of January anyway, but I didn’t want to cancel my time off even if I didn’t need it!

Monday: managed to start work on two shawl collar sweaters from Ellie and Mac, destined to be Valentines gifts for my fiancé. Then I made the mistake of thinking “ooh, I’m having fun!” so my overlocker threw a fit and all progress ground to a halt. They got relegated to the naughty corner and I moved back to the wedding toiles, retracing my new size pieces. 

Tuesday: the overlocker still isn’t playing ball despite being rethreaded approximately a dozen times today (yes from scratch, in the right order with the manual in hand) so I’m furious at the whole thing. And by furious I do mean I cried a bit. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep so have been a bit fractious and not being able to make this machine work was a Problem. Sewing Facebook has suggested a couple of videos I’m going to try in the morning but if not, it’ll be credit card time! (I jest, I cannot afford a new machine, and that really doesn’t sit with my sustainable waste not want not feelings anyway.) I did plan some lovely Cricut-made accessories though so the day wasn’t entirely written off!

Wednesday: overlocker victory! I watched a video and realised my mistake was tiny but apparently game-breaking – but no matter, it fixed the problem and I got two sweaters made. I also mocked up the new waistcoat pattern (dramatically improved!) and made a leather cuff on the Cricut. I’m enjoying this week. I’m privileged to have the time and space. 

Thursday: Much success! I didn’t work on sewing today, I made leather earrings and did paper crafts instead. I’m so pleased with them! I can’t wait until mask-season is over and I can actually wear them again, heh. But look at the pretties!

Friday: I didn’t do much today, owing to getting my Covid vaccine this morning. I did however start designing new Cricut shapes and have had Matt help with using the Affinity software to create vectors I can upload into the Cricut design space. I’ve got so many ideas and it’s exciting to learn how to make them come to life!

Weekend: I’m having some rough vaccine side effects so I’ve mostly been sleeping today (Saturday). Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so I also don’t expect to be in the craft room – whether because I’m still ill, or because we’re doing nice couple things.

Craft Week has been really lovely and I’m so lucky to have opportunity to use my work leave to get things done. I’m increasingly aware of how much wedding sewing I do need to work through so that’s next on the horizon!