Fox Makes

A new blog appears!

Hi, and welcome!

I thought it would be a good idea to start myself a blog, focussing predominantly on sewing – the practicalities of the projects I’m enjoying (or sometimes probably struggling with), and sometimes also sewing-adjacent philosophical thoughts about how empowering it is to sew clothes that fit my body and other general craft topics.

I’ve got really tentative dreams about starting a historical wardrobe after spending this 2020 lockdown watching a heck of a lot of Bernadette Banner’s YouTube videos (and working my way through the catalogue of several other costubers too) so I might document that process here if I carry on down that path. I’m an art historian by training so the process of researching and refining something against the proper, accurate period resources is a concept I’m really quite in love with. I just don’t want to spend time making things I wouldn’t wear, and I’m not sure I’m brave enough to live my gently pseudo Victorian dreams out loud.

More pressingly, though, I’m getting married in September 2021 and am strongly considering making my own wedding dress. That’s the current main focus, with lots of design work currently taking place both in my imagination and on paper. Because of the traditional Wedding Secrecy I’m not sure how much of the process I’ll be able to fully share once I’m close to the final product, but until then I’m having fun experimenting with fabric and textures and seeing what I like the most and might want to wear on the day. Currently that means I’m working on a corset toile (in beautiful blue drill) and exploring structural foundations, so that might be what I talk about first here, as I work my way through boning, binding and making myself feel fabulous.

So, thanks for finding your way here and I hope you stick around to see what happens next!